👋 Hey there! My name is Morgan. I am an American New Zealander living in Bellingham, Washington State.

I have been programming for approximately 5.5+ years after picking up developer skills after graduating with a law degree. I have worked on programs that are relied upon chairside by Orthodontists to provide live information about their case. I have made front end features used in the websites of a Fortune 500 company. I have managed volunteers in my spare time for non-profits. I am confident enough to say I have things to offer the right opportunity.

I worked at the start-up EasyRx based out of Atlanta, GA for 4+ years focusing on the web for that company. I most recently have worked at WompMobile focusing on web development also.

I graduated with an LLB/BA from the University of Otago.

I enjoy art, reading and a little bit of dark European/New Zealand style fashion particularly from Dunedin. I wear a lot of black and drink a lot of coffee. My development philosophy is influenced by continuous improvement.

  • My Github Profile: airbr