Hello to this Blog

Introduction to my new blog

Hello. This is the first blog post on my deceptively simple new Hugo blog. I am using the Cactus Theme on Github with just a few modifications.

I really like a bunch of things about Hugo. Notably I was able to get started insanely fast without feeling like I was downloading a mountain of dependencies with NPM like when I tried (successfully, after much tooling around) to set up a blog with Gatsby. The Quickstart guide to Hugo is well… really quick.

That was before I even got to the build times. Hugo is fast

Out with the old

My old blog was built using Hexo. I liked a lot of things about Hexo but put it to rest after a while.

My last post was a little update on 2019:

I don’t blog often but a lot of life has been happening. I thought I would update with just a few notes. I have been working remotely for 2.5 years as a web developer. I have worked on major features across the stack at EasyRx. EasyRx has been an amazing employer.

I live in Bellingham, Washington - an amazing small city near the border with Canada by the sea in the Pacific Northwest.

I am active in the local development community called Bellingham Codes, which I highly reccomend to anyone.

My initial 2020 update is just to increment that amount of experience up but not much else has changed! I have been working remotely for nearly 4 years as a web developer. I still live in Bellingham. I still love the Bellingham Codes community.

But wow. Who can honestly say that 2020 has not been without enormous challenge and struggle? While some of my personal things like my job and working remotely stayed the same with the Pandemic this year has been full of adversity.

I want to start this blog of with a feeling of celebration. I plan to count some of the few wins I have accrued over the past year despite everything in subsequent blog posts.