TLDR; I survived 2020 and managed a few wins

What a year. What an incredible, awful, moving, emotional, massive year just to name a few adjectives.

I have had a lot of time on the computer this year. I have put in a lot of work as a distraction. Despite everything I managed a few wins this year. I figure I would focus on them to celebrate a little in general and celebrate this blog and the topics I may explore in the posts to come:

  • Github Mentoring

    • Mentored six up and coming developers about improving their github and what I learned in kind.
  • Paring down my personal website with Parcel.js

    • Took a Vue-CLI generator / PWA with a lot of dependencies and relative complexity down to one single index.html file built out with parcel.js
  • Netlify

    • Learned how to use it and became a fan; will compare to past experiences with firebase
  • Applying pagination

    • How I solved a performance problem in the field through applying some pagination and making use of existing PHP classes
  • Other Misc ideas for blogs not quite the same as wins but of general interest:

    • Review of Julia Evan’s programming zines
    • Review of learnjavascript.online
    • Learning curl and postman
    • .editorconfig and save actions plugin in PHPStorm
    • Using termux - Shell/Git on your phone!
    • meta tag redirects using the refresh feature
    • Tachyons CSS library
    • About Pinboard, how I use it, its API and features / experience exporting
    • Sequel Pro review
    • Better Touch Tool review
    • Spaced repetition